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Sample Cover Letter

"I've never really talked about my wartime experiences with anyone; and the only reason that I am now willing to discuss them is that if someone doesn't relate them the way they actually happened, instead of the fictitious versions portrayed in novels and movies, then they are going to be lost. Wars are not becoming scarce, so people will have plenty of opportunity to praise heroism and fortitude, to witness death and destruction, but I would like to talk about the young men who will never have a chance to develop their potential because they were part of that unique coincidence of events that forever changed history. Their courage and compassion still awes me after all these years, and makes me feel unworthy to inherit the results of their generosity."
anonymous veteran's preface to oral history

As a courtesy to nascent authors, this sample cover letter shows a specimen of the essential information needed by the editor of a periodical when considering a submission for acceptance.

Dear Editor,

The enclosed [story / essay / poem] manuscript, entitled "XYZ", is respectfully submitted for your publishing consideration. This original composition has not been previously published, and is an exclusive submission to [name of magazine].

This [story / essay / poem] is about [... concise summation ...]. The text of this [story / essay / poem] is approximately ###-words in length, and is supplemented by explanatory endnotes comprising an additional ###-words. This manuscript is provided in [*TXT / *.ASC / *.HTM / *.RTF / *.WPD / *.DOC] format. This submission is further augmented by [several/specify] captioned images, which are provided in [*.JPG / *.TIF / *.BMP / *.GIF / *.PCX / *.WMF / *.PNG / *.CGM / *.EPS] format.

My writing has been previously published [... concise literary biography ...]. A website featuring my previously published works is located at http://www.[name].com/.

For your information, I am a veteran of [specify war/campaign], am retired from [specify branch of service], and actively support "ABC" (at http://www...), which is a humanitarian project on behalf of [specify].

Your courteous attention to this matter of mutual interest will be appreciated. I look forward to your prompt response.

/s/Manual Script

"Warrior poets distract us from the torment of old wounds with compositions that cause us to suffer new wounds. Their verses help us to forget the pain of unchangeable battles by inspiring us for all the coming battles. Their writings comfort us by keeping our discomfiture acute."
Magyar / Hungarian sentiment


C O M B A T, the Literary Expression of Battlefield Touchstones