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Help Wanted
with COMBAT Magazine

Although the editorial staff has experience of both real and paper wars, and are jealous guardians of free speech prerogatives, we make no claims of omniscience or infallibility ... we sure as hell ain't perfect and got the scars to prove it! We consequently seek associates with specialized competence and limited expertise to supplement probable lacunae or known deficiencies.

An associate shall be compatible with the extant staff, and sympathetic to their undertaking, being cognizant of the nonpartisan and nonsectarian limitations imposed by our not for profit status. These associates, like all other staffers, must advance the magazine's mission and comply with the editorial strictures, as publicly proclaimed and uniformly applied. These colleagues shall be not unlike other contributors submitting previously unpublished original work for first serialization, with all rights reverting after the current period of exclusivity, except for the obligation to submit compositions of acceptable quality and style for every issue. No contributing editors shall be considered an employee submitting work for hire. Compensation shall be, when fully funded by sponsorship, calculated at the same rate as all other contributions.

We presently envision departments devoted to select subjects which would augment our primary theme. Each department would be addressed by a columnist, hopefully a person with combat or military experience, who is sufficiently knowledgeable in his field to make the arcane comprehensible to our audience of sagacious readers, who may not be experts but are probably professionals in their own field. Our literary magazine is neither a scholarly journal nor a meretricious tabloid, so our authors must write between the lines, where it is most hazardous.

Pending the appointment of a suitable columnist, the proposed departments are:

  • composition ... on the grammar and style of prose and poetry writing appertaining to military themes;
  • psychology ... on the attitudes of combatants and the effects of exposure to violence;
  • book review ... surveys of relevant literature and applicable texts, ancient and modern;
  • heraldry ... on the symbolism and lore of military insignia, decorations, and uniforms;
  • law ... on military codes, courts martial, and international agreements;
  • military history ... on the evolution of weapons and tactics, and their recurrence;
  • caricature ... sardonic or ironic sketches depicting wartime situations and military life;
  • photography ... images that encapsulate the military lifestyle and its environs.
We are open to further recommendations, and to specific applications for particular positions.

And, the editorial staff of COMBAT is always interested in reading good stories, essays, and poetry about lives touched by war. These submissions, possessing a timeless and international scope, should focus on making sense of wartime chaos. They should be composed with good development, good characterization, good representation, good plotting, good imagery, and good voice, since, as a theme, there is nothing more dramatic or speculative than war.

The editorial staff of COMBAT magazine may be contacted at:

    P.O. Box 3, Circleville, WV 26804 USA.

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