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Acquisition Options
for the COMBAT Magazine Publication Agreement

The Publication Agreement, a contractual transfer of first serialization rights requisite between the artist or author and the publisher for a consideration, may be obtained by downloading and reproducing one of the following copies of this form.

  • The display version may be captured by selecting either the Save As or Send To options from the browser's File Menu;
  • or by block marking the entire document, copying the marked document to temporary memory (eg: clipboard), and then inserting (eg: paste) the document into a word processor (eg: MS Word or Corel WordPerfect) or text editor (eg: Note Pad or Word Pad);
  • or by opening this plain ASCII text version within a text reader or word processor;
  • or by directing this compressed plain ASCII text version to a temporary folder or directory, and extracting (unzip or unpack) it into either a text editor or word processing application;
  • or by opening this Portable Document Format version in either an adapted browser or Adobe Reader for replication;
  • or by requesting that a plain ASCII text copy be sent as an e-mail message attachment when replying, which file can then be opened with either a text editor or word processing application.

If extraction software is not already resident on the client computer system, then download PKZip Reader by PKWare here at no expense.

If access software is not already resident on the client computer system, then download Acrobat Reader by Adobe here at no expense.

The Publication Agreement is not valid without a signature, so copyright cannot be transferred by submission in electronic format; please do not return this Agreement by e-mail. When printing the Publication Agreement, remember to retain a personal copy to be filed with the original artistic or literary composition.

The editorial staff of COMBAT magazine may be contacted at:

    P.O. Box 3, Circleville, WV 26804 USA.

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