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Privacy Policy

"One of the most essential branches of English liberty is the freedom of one's house. A man's house is his castle; and whilst he is quiet, he is as well guarded as a prince in his castle."
by James Otis [1761 argument on the Writs of Assistance in Boston]
"Security is like liberty in that many are the crimes that are committed in its name."
by Robert H. Jackson [1950 dissenting opinion in U.S. v. Shaughnessy]

This COMBAT website is a venue and an archive for literary expression on the ramifications of combat and conflict resolution. COMBAT is a non-profit entity publishing a periodical and other resources for public information.

Manuscripts and other artwork accepted for publication by COMBAT must tender a transfer of first serialization rights, which entails the divulgence of some authorial particulars. The personal information catalogued for copyright transfer is retained off-line for legal authorization only, and will only be disclosed in good faith during review examinations or due process investigations to proper agents at the behest of competent governmental suasion. No casual or commercial revelation of privileged data stored by COMBAT will be permitted.

Furthermore, COMBAT does not collect or track visitor data. Because no intrusive or invasive modalities, mechanical or scripted, are utilized, no personal accounting or anonymous documentation, whether sensitive or aggregate, can be assembled for administration or solicitation. No advertising or other trade or marketing devices will be employed against COMBAT contributors, readers, or visitors.

This privacy policy applies only to this COMBAT website, and not to its sponsor(s) or affiliate(s). This website, its magazine and resources, may include links to other entities, the contents of which are beyond our control, for which we bear no responsibility. It is the responsibility of every website user to ascertain the policies of visited sites, and to take appropriate precautions or necessary actions.

Any visitor who has questions or concerns about the effects of this COMBAT website, its publications or other activities, as related to their personal privacy, may contact the staff at:

    P.O. Box 3, Circleville, WV 26804 USA.

"The right to be let alone — the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men."
by Louis D. Brandeis [Olmstead v. U.S. (1928)]
"Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy."
by Ayn Rand [The Fountainhead (1943)]


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