combat writing badge C O M B A T
the Literary Expression of Battlefield Touchstones

Bylaws of COMBAT Limited

a domestic non-profit corporation

Article I: Specifications
        § 01: Name
                This non-stock and non-membership corporation, operating on a not for profit basis, is known as COMBAT Limited.
        § 02: Operational Name
                This non-profit corporation normally operates under, trades or conducts business under, and holds itself out to the general public under the abbreviated name of COMBAT.
        § 03: Logogram
                The logogram of this corporation is a stylized version of the classic Combat Infantryman's Badge with one or another writing instrument (ie: quill, pen, pencil) substituting for the traditional musket. This logogram, with or without words appended, may exist in any color combination or artistic treatment, including relief, and as such also represents this not for profit corporation.

Article II: Purposes
        This not for profit corporation has been organized exclusively to educate the general public by publishing literature, as cited by section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any successive federal tax code. This purpose exists in and is manifested by the following sustaining activities:
                § 01: to periodically publish a literary magazine on the ramifications of war;
                        § 01A: entitled "COMBAT, the Literary Expression of Battlefield Touchstones";
                        § 01B: located online at "" and "http://www.combatmagazine.*/";
                § 02: to provide a forum for literary expression on the causes and ramifications of war;
                § 03: to maintain archives of war related literature;
                § 04: to make information on war and peace available to the public;
                § 05: to inspire the documentation of historical research and analysis;
                § 06: to facilitate through writings the adjustment to combat injury or loss;
                § 07: to perpetuate the honorable characteristics of servicemembers;
                § 08: to stimulate appreciation for the service and sacrifice of veterans;
                § 09: to supply referrals to veterans and servicemembers;
                § 10: to assist veterans' organizations or activities, whenever feasible;
                § 11: to commemorate tributes to veterans;
                § 12: to aid orphans, refugees, or émigrés displaced by war;
                § 13: to encourage cross-cultural understanding and international relations;
                § 14: and to transact any other lawful business to further these purposes.
        This not for profit corporation is nonpartisan and nonsectarian, and will not issue any endorsements. These purposes are intended to sustain this non-profit organization by benefiting its general community.

Article III: Organization
        The purposes of this non-profit corporation shall be executed under the provisions of these Bylaws, and any necessary policy or instrumentality may be established for these ends by this authority. This corporation, its officers and representatives, shall be regulated in their functions and endeavors by all applicable laws, codes, and statutes.

Article IV: Officers
        This self-contained and self-directed organization has been established by its incorporator, who also serves as registered agent (or agent of process), and is wholly responsible for guiding and sustaining this non-profit corporation through all its affairs and activities. Other persons may, from time to time, execute specific assignments as needed. There shall be no directors or trustees, permanent boards or standing committees, that may alter or amend the decisions of the sole executive.

Article V: Offices
        This corporation maintains its legal address at Post Office Box 3, Circleville, WV 26804; and maintains its principal and registered office in the county of Pendleton in the state of West Virginia, where its registered agent (or agent of process) may be contacted. It may, from time to time, have other offices within or without the state, as needed, pursuant to its not for profit purposes.

Article VI: Meetings
        As a non-stock and non-membership organization, the only meetings of this non-profit corporation shall be either editorial conferences or marketing councils, whenever and wherever appropriate, in execution or implementation of established purposes.

Article VII: Transactions
        All transactions, negotiations, filings, contracts, notes, loans, and other financial arrangements, together constituting the lawful business affairs of this corporation, shall be vested in the corporator, the sole executive of this organization. Gifts and donations may be contributed to this not for profit corporation to sustain or extend its purposes.

Article VIII: Fiscal Year
        The lawful affairs and activities of this non-profit corporation shall be transacted during a fiscal year commensurate with the calendar year.

Article IX: Records
        The books, records, documents, and files of this not for profit corporation shall be accurate, complete, and written (or in a form convertible to writing); and they shall be compiled each year with an Annual Report summarizing all transactions, and held pending inspection by competent authority.

Article X: Indemnification
        Only the officers, agents, employees, or representatives of this non-profit corporation shall be indemnified by the assets of the corporation if they have acted lawfully, in good faith, and in the best interests of the corporation; no other person engaged under contract, enterprise, trust, joint venture, or association shall be indemnified by the corporation, regardless of that person's conduct or belief. These strictures and exclusions do not limit or impair anyone's recourse to other resources and remedies.

Article XI: Dissolution
        If cessation compels dissolution, because further literary publication cannot be assumed by nor transferred to any other suitable entity, then this not for profit corporation shall distribute its assets to another non-profit corporation, or to a state or federal governmental agency, in accordance with prevailing laws, to be used for one or more exempt purposes described in section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any successive federal tax code.

West Virginia chartered non-profit corporation #75413 (25 April 2005)
amended (30 June 2005)


C O M B A T, the Literary Expression of Battlefield Touchstones