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ISSN 1542-1546 Volume 02 Number 03 Summer ©Jul 2004

People who Love to Hate

"The opportunity to create peace is freedom. The prohibition against making war is enslavement."
Atlanta war protesters

The kind of people who love to hate truly believe that there is only one right way, one true and correct way ... and it just happens, by a remarkable coincidence of birth and acculturation and inculcation, to be their way! ... which means that their opponents and adversaries must, ipso facto, be misguided, mistaken, or wrong because they are inherently ignorant, stupid, or evil! These are also the same people who always have an excuse for their errors or failures, and are only responsible for proven successes, which their mean-spirited opponents always try to quash or usurp, or to abate or adumbrate. Their maniacal and irrational witch hunts for culpable scapegoats, who shall be summarily tried on the evidentiary twaddle of straw-men and stalking-horses in the rancorous kangaroo court of public opinion convened by the despotic mass media, bespeaks an insatiable (if not degenerate) blood lust. These champions of unconditional detestation believe that they can solve all the world's problems by boring them to death with specious logic, insipid slogans, and professional protests. They are willing to resist their enemies with speeches and strikes, with boycotts and marches, with consciousness raising and publicity stunts; but inglorious and selfless work is beyond them. They will huddle in the trenches as summer soldiers, and stand on the ramparts as sunshine patriots, but only in defense of the noble and worthy causes sanctified by anointed bellwethers. They have the courage of their convictions, but not the courage of consideration. They warrant themselves immune, by virtue of associative inoculation, to both ancient auguries and modern London war protesters prophesies. The license they have arrogated for their motives is a profanation of the tenets of freedom and liberty! Because their agenda is transformative, they imagine themselves progressive. They consider their political activism benign to fellow travelers and their tyrannies beneficial to true believers. They believe that their narrow-minded and short-sighted reductionism, a form of neo-puritanism that will eventually extinguish itself by some arcane Marxist alchemy after exterminating pluralism, can never attain the absurd extremism that has destroyed other social experiments, because they are demonstrably much too smart to ever let their dynamic reformation get out of control! ... to ever diffuse the focus of their righteous animosity! ... to ever repeat the mistakes of the past! These ideologues are intractable, relentless, and merciless. They seek converts, not dialectical compromises. They seek indoctrination, not analytical exposure. They seek conquest, not concession or conciliation. They, paradoxically, love to hate! ... it seems to fulfill their black hearts and twisted spirits. In their pose of calculated polemics, they shall forever distort hope and faith, charity and love into perverse patterns and ulterior configurations. They cannot imagine a community that does not depend upon them, nor an earth beyond their jejune cerebrations, nor a heaven beyond their wildest dreams ... as if serenity could be regulated, and contentment could be mandated. They are the enduring nemesis of sovereign trust and common forbearance. In the name of peace, they are the precipitants of conflict and contention and violence. They are the true antagonists of every honorable creed. Kerry addressing VVAW rally

"Good is only recognized when it departs, and Evil when it arrives."
ancient proverb

by Pan Perdu
... who is a former soldier and VA counselor; this work has been excerpted from Fragmentations, a book in progress.