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the Literary Expression of Battlefield Touchstones
ISSN 1542-1546 Volume 03 Number 02 Spring ©Apr 2005

No Longer Mourn

      Eyes that watched as I grew
      Hands that caught me in moments of despair
      Waving goodbye as I set off
      To answer the call from my command
      Duty, honor, helping my fellow man
      My combat boots set off to tread the desert sands.

      Eyes now weep and mourn
      With hands folded in prayer
      Kneeling beside a stone bearing my name
      Remember your heart is where our memories are stored
      Even though your heart is breaking
                looking for someone to blame
      Hold no grudges or feelings of scorn
      Even though my body was sent home torn
      Covered in the flag of our nation
      Tenderly placed in a grave
      Please, oh please, weep no more
      I am no longer there.

      My feet are no longer tied to the ground
      My spirit soars higher and higher
      Joining my place with the ancients of old
      My body no longer in the darkness and cold
      Forever now embraced by the warmth of the Light.
      No more need for weapons
      I was set free from the chaos of war.

      Cherish the time you held me in your arms
      Hands that protected me from harm
      Cry no more, I did not die alone
      Your memories kept my heart warm
      As my spirit took flight
                leaving all fear from the firestorm.

      Forever connected by memories alone
      Fill your heart with joy and laughter
      Even though my body is no more
      Lest my death for freedom be in vain
      Feel my presence all around
      For my spirit is forever near
      No longer bound to the ground.

by Susan Escobar
... who is a teacher, former servicemember, and spouse of a serving Airman; her work has also been anthologized in The Sounds of Poetry, as well as previous appearances in this magazine.