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ISSN 1542-1546 Volume 05 Number 03 Summer ©Jul 2007

Blue Angels

      I can see her now.
      Blonde hair flowing
      In the northern winds on that sunny spring day.
      Finally the snow was gone and
      The field grasses were beginning to bud.
      In the distant thunder
      You could see the
      Blast of white smoke.

      There they will soon come
      And she searches the sky.

      Off the young girl runs
      Up the draw into the rocky creek bed.
      Dashing across the spring snow runoff.
      Racing up the hill to reach her sitting spot
      Atop the bluff so she would have a clear view
      Of what would be screaming her way
      At eye level soon.

      She is out of breath
      As she takes the last couple of steps upward.

      Grabbing the limbs of an old juniper tree,
      She pulls herself onto the smooth surface
      Of the mountain theater seat.

      Your heart is beating four times faster then normal
      and with the sweet blast of fresh clean air in her nostrils
      She shivers.

      Soon the guardians of the sky will come
      Screaming across her world's horizon.

      Off to the north
      She hears the faint sound
      Of roaring jet engines.

      Echoing in her ear
      Also is the mockingbird scolding her
      For interrupting his morning.
      A squirrel running back and forth
      On the ledge below her
      Gathering seeds for his hungry little ones
      Seems to be annoyed with this human appearance.
      But nothing seems to change this monument moment
      Of thrill that has befallen this girl child
      So many times before
      And today.

      Here they come ...
      Over the mountain to the north of her
      They come thundering ...
      Swooping down into the desert valley.

      Two large shiny Navy jets streak low
      And leveling themselves
      Equal to the eye view of the girl.

      As they rumble through the air toward her
      To break the sound barrier.

      It is as if they stand still for a second
      In front of her eternity.
      She can see their faces smiling,
      The helmeted heads nod.

      The wings of the Blue Angels rock back and forth
      As to once again say hello.
      Then as quickly as they came, they were gone.

      She sat silently pondering.
      Her two knights in thundering blue steel
      As they flew past her life and into her dreams once again.

      They were her Blue Angels.

      As she sat in the silence of the morning
      And the memory of the Unknown friends of the sky,
      She still sees their wings tip and
      Off they flew away.

      Followed with the crack of explosive thunder.
      Now how could you
      Ever for get that?!

by Vicki Rose Ann Swift-Landis
... who is a singer, songwriter, and freelance poet, with works published in Poems and Short Stories for the Military Family; and lyrics produced in eight songs by Hilltop Records and Ameracord Records, including Soldier Boy, Sweet America, Lonely Ones, and others. Her writing has also appeared previously in this magazine.

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