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Sample C-RATION Menus

Sample C-Ration Menu (ca1967)

Reference Notes

"The Meal, Combat, Individual, is designed for issue as the tactical situation dictates, either in individual units as a meal or in multiples of three as a complete ration. Its characteristics emphasize utility, flexibility of use, and more variety of food components than were included in the Ration, Combat, Individual (C Ration) which it replaces. Twelve different menus are included in the specification. Each menu contains: one canned meat item; one canned fruit, bread or dessert item; one B unit; an accessory packet containing cigarettes, matches, chewing gum, toilet paper, coffee, cream, sugar, and salt; and a spoon. Four can openers are provided in each case of 12 meals. Although the meat item can be eaten cold, it is more palatable when heated. Each complete meal contains approximately 1200 calories. The daily ration of 3 meals provides approximately 3600 calories." [QMC]

Meal, Combat Individual (12/case)

B-1 Unit (4/case) B-2 Unit (4/case) B-3 Unit (4/case) Accessory
Pack (12/case)
  Turkey Loaf   Ham and Lima Beans   Beef, Spiced with Sauce   Spoon, Plastic
  Ham, Fried (sliced)   Meat Balls with Beans in Tomato Sauce   Ham and Eggs, Chopped   Salt
  Chicken and Noodles   Beans, with Frankfurter Chunks in Tomato Sauce   Pork Steak   Pepper
  Beef Steak   Beef Slices and Potatoes with Gravy   Chicken, Boned   Coffee, Instant
    Spaghetti and Meatballs (variant)   Meat Loaf (variant)   Sugar
  Fruit (1/meal)
        Fruit Cocktail
  Dessert (1/meal)
        Fruit Cake
        Pecan Roll
        Pound Cake
        Cookies (4)
        Cocoa Beverage Powder
            Berry / Mixed Fruit
  Creamer, Non-Dairy
        Crackers (7)
        Peanut Butter
        Candy Disc, Chocolate (1/meal)
            Solid Chocolate
            Chocolate Cream
            Chocolate Coconut
        Crackers (4)
        Cheese Spread, Processed
  Bread, White   Chewing Gum, 2 Chicklets
        Cigarettes (4/pack)
        Lucky Strike
        Pall Mall
        Matches, Moisture Resistant
  Accessory Pack   Accessory Pack   Accessory Pack   Toilet Paper

Preparing Food on the Battlefield

In keeping the Big Green Machine functional, food is almost as important as medicine and munitions; and good food has a way of building morale while nourishing the body. Most troops perform service or support occupations which gives them regular access to a messhall, and infrequent consumption of rations. During large unit operations, field kitchens are setup for more efficient feedings. Small and special units must often forgo heating their food to avoid disclosing their vulnerable position with savory odors. An operational platoon or company will have the most opportunity to cook in the field, but will also have the least access to condiments and supplements, due to mission remoteness and duration. The standard fare issued to infantrymen, cavalrymen, and artillerymen can be spiced up with the addition of parsley or cumin, onion or garlic salt, meat or hot sauce. Bouillon cake, malted milk, dried mustard, and other dehydrated ingredients add flavor to field rations, as does soy sauce. Sesame and olive oil are good substitutes for butter. And any potted meat or canned fish, dried salami or cured sausage can be extended over several meals. The individual combat knife will be much more useful in the camp kitchen than on the mythic battlefield.

Recipe : Improved Ham 'n' Mothers

Transfer the contents of a can of Ham and Lima Beans into a canteen cup, place on the stove and begin heating. Open the can of four (4) Crackers and crush each of them into smaller pieces inside of the now empty Ham and Lima Beans can; transfer broken crackers and residue from the can to the canteen cup. Open the can of Processed Cheese Spread and transfer contents to the now warm mixture in the canteen cup. May spoon some warm liquid from the canteen cup back into the cheese can to empty it completely into the mixture. May add a small amount of water from the canteen to the food can to empty it completely into the mixture. Stir contents of the canteen cup until blended, with the cheese melted and crackers softened by absorption; then season with salt and pepper to taste. Consume with gusto!

Recipe : Shared Chicken Soup

Open and preheat a can of Chicken with Noodles and a can of Boned Chicken. Place a canteen cup full of water into a clean helmet and bring the water to a boil. Add the warmed chicken contents from both cans to the water in the helmet. Stir in salt and pepper and Non-Dairy Creamer to taste. Open two cans of White Bread and pinch off pieces to add as dumplings. Using the chin strap as a handle, pour the soup into two canteen cups. Makes a hearty repast.

Recipe : xxx

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Recipe : Bedded Chicken

Open and heat a can of Boned Chicken. Open a can of White Bread and divide into halves laid open on the mess kit plate. Remove hot chicken from stove and replace with an opened can of Processed Cheese Spread. As soon as the cheese melts, mound the hot chicken onto the bread, then pour the cheese sauce over the top. Salt and pepper to taste. Consume as soon as the bread has absorbed the flavors.

Recipe : Ranger Pudding

Combine several packets of Non-Dairy Creamer and some Sugar packets saved from several Accessory Packs with the envelope of Cocoa Beverage Powder in a clean canteen cup. With the edge of a knife, shave or scrape a small amount of dust from a Solid Chocolate Candy Disc into the dry ingredients already contained in the canteen cup. While adding small amounts of water, mix the contents into a smooth paste. Consume immediately. Surprisingly delicious!

Recipe : Saved Dessert

Combine Non-Dairy Creamer and Sugar packets saved from several Accessory Packs with the contents of one or more flavors of Jam cans (trade as necessary) into an empty canteen cup. Proportion depends on availability and taste. Blend sweetened creamy jam mixture over low heat and dilute with water as needed. Open a can of Pound Cake. The cake may be divided and laid on the mess kit plate with the warm syrup poured over the top; or, the cake may be crumbled into the canteen cup with the syrup. This treat is guaranteed to refresh energy and restore morale!