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Names of Foreigners or Foes

Names of Foreigners or Foes

Reference Notes

"Xenophobia looks like becoming the mass ideology of the 20th-century fin-de-siècle. What holds humanity together today is the denial of what the human race has in common."
by Eric Hobsbawm [Anthropology Today (Feb 1992)]

slur explanation
      Husky; Chukcha; Kayaker; Tundra Trekker; also burly or brawny [cf: stout]       Inuit or Eskimo [Huskemaw / Uskemaw / Esquimaux]
      Eskimo; Sko/Skimo [allegedly derived from "eater of raw meat", but actually transferred from Micmac (Esqimawe) meaning 'snowshoe netter']       Inuit / Innuit; Yupik; Inupiak / Inupiaq; Inupiat; Aleut; Chukcha; Tlingit; native Alaskan
      Kabloonuk [deriv: person with bushy eyebrows]       any non-native Alaskan (non-Eskimo, non-Inuit; non-Yupik; non-Inupiat; non-Aleut)
      Cheechako [deriv: newcomer]       any newly arrived Alaskan or northern Canadian ("Northlander"), being a tenderfoot or greenhorn
      Lapp; Laplander [patchwork]       any transnational Sami/Saami; ethnic minority in northern Europe and Russia near the Baltic, White, and Berents seas
      Crow; Raven; Blackbird       Sparrow Hawk, Absaroka
      destroyer       Pequot, Narragansett
      Bug's Boys, Child of Satan       Blackfoot
      rock       Assiniboine
      Digger       Paiute/Piute [v: Ozzie/Aussie]
      Pima       Akimel O'odham/Ahkeemult O'odham [literally I don't know.]
      Comanche       Shoshone separatists; Nunima [for those who always want to fight us by Ute]
      Snake       Shoshone
      Sioux, Nadouessioux [from Ojibwa for Dakota/Lakota]       enemies / little snakes
      Ojibwa [from Algonquian for "roast until puckered"]; Chippewa       people of the lakes, who were driven westward by the Iroquois using the torture of captives after war
      Dog-eater       Arapaho [Inuna-ina (our people)] and Lakota [from ritual white dog feast]
      Mohawk       cannibal [by Algonquian for Kaniengehaga/Kanienkehaka]
      bark-eater; Adirondack       any of the Algonquian people who were notorious among the Iroquois confederation for their inability to hunt, fish, and farm well enough to prevent starvation each winter
      Apache       enemies [by Zuni Pueblo for Ndee]
      Navajo       thieves [by Tewa Pueblo for Diné]
      hopeless       Hopi, Moki, Moqui [v: Tewa; cf: kachina]
      noisy       Tapage/Tapago [Pawnee; cf: Papago, Caddoan]
      Sand-house People; Rope Foot (sandle) People       Papago [from corruption of "bean-eater"]
      Shawnee       mud people [Delaware Sawanoki ("People of the South")]
      Tobacco Nation       Wyandot [Tionontati] with Huron [Wendat]
      Five Nations       the confederacy of Iroquois, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca tribes
      Pawnee Picts       Wichita [French: Panis piqués] for tattoos
      Cannibal [anthropophagi/anthropoghagia]       Carib [Galibi, Caríbal]; Arawak
      Mosquito       Miskito
      Siwash       savage [French: sauvage] for AmerIndians
      Indian; Red Indian; Redskin; 'skin; Injun; Chief; Wahoo; Whooper; Feather; Hatchet Holder; Tomahawker; Scalper; Blanket-ass; Apple; Radish; Uncle Tom-tom; Tipi Tom; Tepee Creeper; Spruce Monkey; Prairie Nigger [v: buck, squaw]       native American; AmerIndian; aborigine; autochthon; native
      White Indian; Pretendian; Wish-um; WOPindian; Pseudo-Indian; Windian; Make-believe Indian       false or fake AmerIndian; as pretender, poseur, dissimulator, dissembler, imposter, deceiver, phony, bogus, wannabe, split- / double-tongue
      Forked-tongue; Split-tongue; Double-tongue       Liar; Falsifier; Prevaricator; Fabricator; Perjurer; Fibber; Dissembler; Misstater; Palterer; Hoodwinker; Faker; Storyteller; Equivocator [cf: Indian giver]
      Indio       native MesoAmerican or Filipino [cf: Spanish criollo]
      Metis/Metisse [métis/métisse]       mixed-race or half-breed, especially French and Indian ancestry
      Redbone; Cajan/Cajun; Coon-ass; Gumbo; Pinto; Swamp Rat; Red Nigger; Cherry Nigger       mixed AmerIndian race blended with Hispanic, Negroid, and/or Caucasian ancestry; also osrouge [v: Melungeon, Lumbee, Nanticoke]
      Mestizo       mixed-race native MesoAmerican or Filipino [cf: Spanish criollo]
      Creole; Creole of Color       mixed Black and French or Spanish ancestry in Louisiana
      Half-breed; Half-caste; Half-baked; Half-human       mixed-race offspring of miscegenation
      Mongrel; Scrub; Mutt; Dalmatian; Pinto; Paint; Calico; Piebald; Appaloosa; Dun; Red-headed Stepchild       mixed-race offspring of miscegenation, especially of indeterminate breeding; stunted or inferior
      Bastard; Foundling/Left in the Basket; Naturale/Natural Child; Love Child; Bantling/Bankling; Son of the Packsaddle/Fils de Bast; Red-headed Stepchild; Mordredite/Modredite       illegitimate issue of unmarried parents
      Nigger Lover; Coal Burner; Slept With A Nigger (SWAN)       interracial couple; intimate relationship between persons of different races, especially black and white [cf: criollo, Acadian]
      Creole       descendent from French or Spanish settlers of Louisiana [cf: criollo, Acadian]
      Chicano/Chicana       Mexican-American
      Spic/Spig       Hispanic; Latino/Latina; Mexican-American; Spanish-American [from no speak English]
      Beaner; Bean-eater       Hispanic; Latino/Latina; Mexican-American; Spanish-American; Chicano/Chicana
      Bean-eater       Papago
      Wetback; Iceback; Mojado; Soak; Dryback; Frostback; Pineback       illegal immigrant or unauthorized guest worker, especially into the United States from Latin America or Canada [after name of 1954 Eisenhower project to restrict illegal immigration] [cf: wop]
      Gringo       non-Hispanic foreigner in Latin America
      WASP; Whitey; Paleface; Rice-face; Fish-belly; White Bread; White Meat; Bolillo; Ivory; White Devil; Ghost; Casper; Snowman; Pigmently-challenged; Melanin Deficient; Haole; Ofay/Fay; Buckra/Bucker; Cracker; Honky; Blue-Eyed Devil; Hillbilly; Hill Jack; Ridge Runner; Stump Jumper; Termite; Peckerwood; Redneck; White Trash; Trailer Park Trash; Mister Charlie; White Hope/Great White Hope; Tarzan; Blue Blood; Massa; Master Race; Wite Man; The Man; Yakoo       White Anglo-Saxon Protestant; Caucasian; Aryan; Wight
      Blue-eyed Soul; Whack; Wigger/Wiggerette; White Negro; White Chocolate; Negrophiliac; Nigger Digger; Nigger Happy; Nigger Lover       false or fake Black or Negro; as pretender, poseur, dissimulator, dissembler, imposter, deceiver, phony, bogus, wannabe, or fake
      Skunk; High-Yellow / High-Yaller; Incognegro; White-Wash       mulatto; quadroon; octoroon
      Spook; Smoke; Spear-chucker; Bro/Brother; Soul Brother/Sister; Homeboy/Homey; Ebony; Blackamoor; Black-a-vised/Black-a-viced; Nig-nog/Niknok; Blood; Superfly; Black Panther; Black Muslim; Buffalo Soldier; Dinge; Shade; Darky; Spade; Shine; Moke; Brownie; Blue Gum; Jim Crow; Stepn Fetchit/Steppan Fetchit; Uncle Ben; Aunt Jemima; Brown Sugar; Beulah; Buckwheat; Tar Baby; Boogie; Coon; Americoon; Africoon; Maroon; Splib/Spliv; Buck; Dark Meat; Jungle Bunny; Nappy; Afro; Brillo; Cotton Ball; Golliwogg; Blackbird; Swamper; Swamp Donkey; Cotton-picker; Pickaninny/Picaninny/Piccaninny (pickin/pequenino); Token; Twofer (quota); Oreo; Sambo/Zambo; Lawn Jockey; Porch Monkey; Yard Ape; Missing Link; Night Fighter; Eightball/8-Ball; Nig/Nigger; Kaffir; Jig/Jigga/Jigaboo; Thinga-ma-jigger/Thinga-ma-nigger; Billy Reuben (bilirubin); Schvartz/Shvartz [German Black]; Ding Dong [Thai "farang dum" = Black foreigner]       Black; Negro; Creole; Afro-American; Colored Person [v: Slav/Slovak]
      Hottentot [from Afrikaans]       Khoikhoi, San, Nama
      Mau Mau       member of Gikuyu/Kikuyu terrorist society in Kenya [not a tribe]
      Mleccha       foreign barbarian, non-Hindu [Sanskrit: non-Aryan]
      Raghead; Towel-head; Diaper-head; Sheet-head [from kaffiyeh, turban]       Arabic/Persian/Islamic male
      Bint; Bint-Laden; Black Moving Object /BMO; Black Pillar Box; Batman; Beekeeper; Pajama Mamma       Arabic/Persian/Islamic woman
      Camel Jockey; Camel Cowboy; Goat Roper; Snake Charmer; Carpet Pilot; Rug Rider; Sandy; Sand Flea; Sand Monkey; Sand Nigger; Desert Darky; Dune Coon; Tarsh; Ali Baba; Ahab; Aladdin; Habib; Zalama; Zol       Arabic/Persian/Islamic person
      Muzzie; Mussulman/Muslim; Muhammadan; Islamite/Islamist/Islamizer; Hajji/Hadji       adherent of Islam
      Paki; Pac Man; Gunga Din       Pakistani or other south Asian, especially a Mid-Eastern racial or ethnic minority immigrant
      Turban Cowboy; Florence of Arabia; Larry of Lebanon (and so forth)       sympathetic non-Muslim in the Near East or south Asia who's trying to be assimilated [nb: "urban turban" is an Arab acting Black]
      Vandal       destroyer [from Germanic tribe]
      Goth       barbarian [v: Ostrogoth, Visigoth]
      Hun       WWI/WWII German soldier; any destructive barbarian, after tribe
      Boche [blockhead]; Squarehead; Cabbage-head [kraut, sauerkraut]       WWI/WWII German soldier
      Heinie; Fritz       WWI German soldier (after shortening of common name; Heinrich [Heine] and Frederick or Friedrich) [nb: "heinie", by alteration of 'hinder', also means buttocks or derrière]
      Kraut; Cabbage-head       German, especially a WWI/WWII soldier (by shortening of sauerkraut)
      Macaroni       Italian [funeral banquet]; English dandy [affect]
      Wop [allegedly an acronym derived from "Without Official Papers" or "WithOut Passport"]       Italian [from "swaggerer" (guappo) for a pimp, ruffian, or worthless person; cf: wog]
      Dago; Gink/Ginzo; Guinea/Ginney       someone of Italian or Spanish origin or descent
      Crapaud       French frog [from British troops against Napoleonic army]
      Frog       French [by British from bullfrog deportment; frogleg diet; fleur-de-lis resemblance to squatting frog]
      Kanaka       Hawaiian; Sandwich Islander; Polynesian
      Malihini       newcomer to Hawaii [derived from stranger; cf: haole]
      Manihini       visitor to Tahiti; guest [derived from bird; cf: malihini]
      Chink/Chinkie; ChiCom/Gooey; Laundryman; Cataian       Chinaman
      Lo Fan       barbarian, especially white foreigner [non-Chinese]
      Lao Wei       non-Chinese foreigner, especially white resident
      Dwarf Bandit [from Chinese for marauding]; Half Pig-foot [from Korean for split-toed footwear]       Japanese, especially Imperialist
      Nip; Jap       Nipponese/Japanese, especially Imperialist
      Meatball       Imperial Japanese [from national rising sun motif]
      Gaijin       outsider; a foreigner in Japan
      Gaiko       barbarian [non-Japanese]
      Flip       Filipino [cf: gook]
      Gook       Filipino [googoo/gugu]; Korean; Asian or Oriental
      Slope; Dink; Zip/Zipper/Zipperhead; Slant-Eye; Gook/Gooey; Rice Ball; Basket Head; Buddhahead       Asian or Oriental (including Chink and Nip or Jap)
      Gomer       Viet Cong; North Vietnamese; Bo Doi; PAVN
      Charlie/Charley; Victor Charlie [from phonetic alphabet]; Chuck; Charles; Sir Charles; Mister Charles       Viet Cong [a contraction of "Viet-nam Cong-san", the term invented by President Ngo Dinh Diem for the communist forces fighting in South Vietnam]
      Bennie       Falkland Islanders [TV character; after failed invasion]
      Still       Falkland Islanders [still Bennie, after prohibition]
      Polack       Pole, or someone of Polish descent
      Hunky       Hungarian or Magyar; extended to Czech and Romanian
      Bohunk       contraction of Bohemian and Hungarian; extended to Czech and Ukrainian as well as Magyar
      Russki; Red; Katsap/Catsup; Radish; Commie; Bullshitvik; Ivan; Charlie Brown       Russian or Soviet socialist ['katsap' is corruption of Ukrainian 'goatee' (kak tzap: like a goat), and tomato sauce (ketchup), a red condiment]
      Paddy; Mick; Bog-trotter; Potato Head; Spud People; Pot-Licker       Irishman, or someone from Ireland
      Limey; Tommy/ Tommy Atkins; Lobster-back; Redcoat; Beefeater; John Bull; Jack Tar; Peter Collins; Brit       Englishman, especially British sailors and soldiers [v: macaroni]
      Joe Bloggins; Joe Bloggs       Canadian, especially sailors and soldiers [v: macaroni]
      Pommy       play on 'Tommy', as ponce [a Brit in Australia or New Zealand]
      Kiwi       New Zealander
      Pakeha       non-Maori New Zealander, especially of European descent [probably derived from imaginary pale-skinned beings]
      Ozzie; Digger; Aussie       Australian, especially Australian soldiers serving elsewhere [v: Paiute/Piute]
      Walloon       French-speaking resident of southeast Belgium
      Slav/Slovak       slave
      Pilgrim       traveler in a foreign place
      Stranger       anyone who is unknown or unacquainted; someone who is unconnected
      Xenophobe       fearful of foreigners or strange customs
      Tramontane; Ultramontane       foreigner; someone who lives beyond the mountains
      Barbarian       uncivilized savage, as from another culture [non-Greek]
      Outsider       non-member
      Philistine       someone lacking refinement or indifferent to culture
      Civilian       non-military; non-paramilitary; non-professional
      Outlander; Auslander; Uitlander       non-native
      Alien       unnaturalized foreigner owing other allegiance
      Half-tounue       a jury composed equally of citizens and aliens impaneled for the trial of a foreigner
      Nativist       anti-immigrant
      Know-Nothing       American nativist; ignoramus; agnostic
      Yankee; Ugly American; Typical American Prick (TAP)       initially, non-Dutch New England businessman; later, American capitalist [cf: Uncle Sam, Brother Jonathan, John Cheese]
      Mugwump       independent [Proto-Algonquian: mugquomp/muggumquomp] for war leader; swift man
      Jingoist       belligerent patriot
      Flowering Flag Devil       patriotic American [from Chinese for flag wavers]
      Chauvinist       blindly loyal zealot, especially ideologue or patriot
      Red       politically radical or leftist, as communism or totalitarianism [cf: indebtedness, prostitution]
      Pinko/Pink; Lefty; Liberal; Fellow Traveler; Fifth Columnist       leftist or socialist ideology [not as extreme as 'red']
      Undesirable       non-Aryan [untermensch]
      Wog/Golliwogg [the name of a grotesque black doll in an illustrated series of children's books by Bertha and Florence Upton]; WOG [Wily Oriental Gentleman or Westernized Oriental Gentleman]       non-white non-European foreigner [cf: wop]
      Firange; Ferengi; Firanji; Gaijin; Effendi; Effemdi; Foreign Devil       white European foreigner [India, Japan, China, Egypt, etc]
      Farangi       white European foreigner [Persia]
      Afrandj; Firinjia       white European foreigner [Arabic]
      Farang       white European foreigner [Thai]
      Pha Rang; Pha Rang Xa       white European foreigner [Vietnamese]
      Bok See Dah       white European foreigner [Laotian]
      Barang       white European foreigner [Khmer]
      Parangiar       white European foreigner [Tamil]
      Gweilo; Ang Moh; Yang Nam       foreign devil, red-haired caucasian, Yankee bastard, Occidental [Chinese "white ghost"]
      Foreign Devil       non-native, especially an Occidental in the Orient
      Pagan       not a monotheist
      Heathen       unconverted to monotheism
      Infidel       disbeliever; unbeliever; non-believer [cf: atheist]
      Kaffir/Kafir; Giaour       skeptic; unbeliever
      Gentile       non-Jew; non-Mormon; not native
      Goy/Goyim       non-Jew [goi = nation]
      Kike; Hymie; Hebe; Sheeny/Sheeney/Sheenie; Yid       anyone observing the Jewish faith or someone of Jewish descent (any nationality)
      Little Brown Brother/Little Brown Buddy       paternalistic adoption of select foreign persons or peoples by materially advanced or culturally superior benefactors, especially advisers to indigenous people; phrases originally referred to Filipinos
      Gink; Guy; Fellow/Feller/Fella; Dude; Neighbor; Friend; Chap; Cobber; Cove; Chum; Pal; Buddy; Mate; Partner/Pard; Amigo; Mac; Jack; John; Jake; Charlie; Tom, Dick, and Harry; John Doe; Joe Blow; John Doe; Joe Doakes; John Q. Public; Richard Row; Brother/Bro; Sister/Sis; You/Y'all/You-all; Bub; Bubba; Bumpkin; Yokel; Boy; Beggar; Sod; Bugger; Bozo       person; individual; anyone
      Cop/Copper; Bluecoat; Pig; Narc; Fuzz; Bear/Smoky Bear; Bull; Flatfoot; Heat; the Man; the Law; John Law; Long Arm of the Law; Law Dog; Deputy Dog; Plainclothesman; Gumshoe; Dick; Rookie; Star; Square Badge; tipstaff; catchpole; Nab; Peeler; Bobby; Mountie; Flic       police; police officer; policeman; peace officer; sheriff; marshal; inspector; detective; constable; master-at-arms; sergeant-at-arms; security guard; turnkey; jailer; meter maid; shrieve; bailiff; beadle; reeve; lawman; patrolman; highway patrolman; state trooper; Texas Ranger; revenuer; provost marshal; provost guard; Gendarme; Carabiniere; Cheka; Gestapo
      Fag; Faggot; Nance; Nancy Boy; Pantywaist; Friend of Dorothy; Limp Wrist; Pansy; Poof; Sissy; Swish; Queen/Queenie; Closet Queen; Drag Queen; Gay; Flit; Fairy; Fay; Fruit; Fruit Loop; Girlyboy; Dolly Boy; Ponce; Punter; Queer; $3 Bill; Cocksucker; Flute; Baloney Smoker; Bug-eyed Cumsucker; Big-lipped Cumsucker; Brown-tailed Cumsucker; Spunk Monkey; Knob Jockey; Sausage Jockey; Cock Jockey; Bone Smuggler; Fudge Packer; Chocolate Puncher; Rump Romper; Rump Rider; Rump Wrangler; Rump Rustler; Backdoor Burglar; Cornholer; Patootie Pirate; Rectum Ranger; Anal Assassin; Anal Astronaut; Booty Buffer; Butt Bandit; Bum Chum; Bugger; Sod; Sodomite; Pervert; Invert; Shirt Lifter; Chicken Hawk; Queer Bait; Boy Toy; Catamite; Gunsel; Punk; Pederast; Homo; Homophile; Lesbian; Lez; Lezzie; Lezbo; Sapphist; Sapphomorph; Morphodite; Morphodyke; Tribads/Tribades; Fricatrice; Confricatrice; Rubster; Clitty Kitty; Femme; Twisted Sister; Lipstick; Dillydally Dolly; Dildo Darling; Dyke; Bulldike; Bulldagger; Butch       homosexual
      Hacker; Cracker; Phreak/Phone Phreak       technology enthusiast or computer programmer
      Ecofreak; Tree-hugger; Whale-smoocher; Greenie       zealous environmentalist or conservationist
      Stinkpot       mean or nasty person [from the combustible container of suffocating vapors]
      Basket-case; Samovar; Curling Stone; Tadpole       multiple amputee; incapacitated or dysfunctional; impaired
      They/Them; You People       not us; We People
      Insider; In-Group       we, us; not out-group; not outsider

"All people who have reached the point of becoming nations tend to despise foreigners, but there is not much doubt that the English-speaking races are the worst offenders. One can see this from the fact that as soon as they become fully aware of any foreign race, they invent an insulting nickname for it."
by Eric Arthur Blair ["Charles Dickens" Inside the Whale and Other Essays by George Orwell (1940)]

It should be noted that, in almost every case, a peoples' name for themselves translates into something like the real people or the true people, or even the people who make sense when they talk, in order to differentiate themselves from their neighbors and strangers; thus reserving denigrating or disparaging, derogating or depreciating appellations for others.