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Vietnam War Chronology

Vietnam War Chronology

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before 258 BC Kinh Duong Vuong reigns over the Xich Quy kingdom that spread in the North up to the Blue river; in the South to Central Vietnam; in the West up to Sseutch'ouan; and in the East as far as the sea. The Hong Bang dynasty that reigns over the Van Lang kingdom situated in Tonquin and in the Northern part of Central Vietnam.
258 BC - 3 BC Au Lac kingdom on which reigns An Duong Vuong (257-208 BC according to tradition). Chinese general Tch'ao To (Trieu Da) who reigns over the Nan-yue (Nam Viet) kingdom with capital at Fan-yu, subdued the Au Lac kingdom. He founded the Trieu dynasty that reigns at Fan-yu. In Tonquin (called at that time Kiao-tche, Giao Chi), legend of My Chau and Trong Thuy attached to the Co Loa capital (province of Phuc Yen). The Trieu dynasty is supposed to have reigned from 207 to 111 BC.
111 BC China conquered the northern part of present-day Vietnam, and later changed the name of the region to Annam.
ca AD 192 Indian states of Funan and Champa established.
ca AD 6th C Champa/Cham conquers Funan, establishes Chenla.
AD 906 Annam in Southeast Asia obtains independence after more than a millennium of Chinese domination.
AD 939 China withdrew from Annam, and the Vietnamese kingdom of Dai Co Viet was established. Other Vietnamese kingdoms ruled southern areas of present-day Vietnam.
1284 Kublai Khan leads a 500,000-man Chinese army into Vietnam. Guerrillas organized by Tran Hung Dao virtually destroy the invasion force.
1407 - 1428 China seized control of Dai Co Viet, but resistance forces led by Le Loi drove the Chinese from the country and established the kingdom of Dai Viet.
1428 Vietnam regains independence from China's Ming Empire.
1471 Dai Viet conquered the southern Vietnamese kingdom of Champa/Cham, but intermittent fighting between the north and south continued until 1673.
1698 - 1731 Vietnamese displace Cham and Khmer inland (Cambodia).
1770s The Tay Son triumvirate began to seize control of much of Dai Viet from the Nguyen dynasty.
1802 With French advice and assistance, Nguyen Anh defeated the Tay Son and united the northern and southern parts of the country, from the Red River to the Mekong River Deltas, which he renamed Viet Nam.
1820 - 1859 Vietnamese persecution of Christian minorities.
1861 The French seize control of Saigon.
1862 French annex Cochin China / south Vietnam.
1863 French annex Cambodia; quitclaim by Siam (1867).
1883 French Indochina protectorate established for Cochin China (south) and Cambodia; Annam (central) and Tonkin (north) (1887), including Laos (1893).
1907 Siam ceded territory added to Cambodia and Laos by French.
-- Sep 40 Imperial Japan assumed effective control of French Indochina, with Vichy French administration.
02 Sep 45 Viet Minh declare national independence, Emperor Bao Dai abdicates; renamed Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV).
12 Sep 45 Allies accept Imperial Japan's surrender in Vietnam.
19 Dec 46 French reinstated, with Bao Dai as nominal Emperor, under treaty enforcement by Nat Chinese (north) and British (south).
25 Dec 46 Viet Minh begin Second Indochina War.
01 May 50 US support/funding of French Assoc State Forces.
27 Jun 50 US advisors deployed to French Indochina.
03 Aug 50 MAAG-Indochina formed (17 Sep 50?).
23 Dec 50 US/France sign "Mutual Defense Assist Prog" treaty.
21 Jul 54 Geneva Accords signed, country partitioned at 17th parallel; remaining French worked with US under Training Relations and Instructions Mission (TRIM).
08 Sep 54 South East Asia Treaty Org (SEATO) created.
26 Oct 55 South Vietnam established, under Emperor Bao-Dai with Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem; renamed Republic of Vietnam (RVN).
01 Nov 55 MAAG-Indochina becomes MAAG-Viet-Nam (12 Feb ?).
01 Apr 56 14th Sp Fcs Op Det activated from 77th Sp Fcs Gp; arrives to train Vietnamese during Summer 1956.
28 Apr 56 TRIM discontinued when French depart region.
01 Jun 56 US Temp Equip Recovery Mission (TERM) formed.
10 Dec 56 US Army Special Warfare School developed at Ft Bragg NC from US Army Psychological Warfare Center.
17 Jun 57 1st Sp Fcs Gp, headquartered on Okinawa, activated from 14th SFOD and 8231st Ar Sp Op Det (12, 13, 16 SFODs); sends Mobile Trng Tms to Vietnam.
18 Jul 58 Cambodia begins trade with NVN/DRV, diplomatic recognition of ChiCom/PRC.
-- -- 59 Dept of State PEO covert trng of Lao Army.
30 May 60 TERM absorbed into MAAG-VN.
20 Dec 60 Nat Lib Front (NLF/VC) formed separate from NVA.
09 Mar 61 Millpond opn: 17-pt improv prog for US - Laos.
19 Apr 61 MAAG-Laos White Star MTT formed.
10 May 61 negotiations begin on Geneva Accords for Laos.
21 Sep 61 5th Sp Fcs Gp activated at Ft Bragg NC; MTTs to VN.
-- Dec 61 RVN requests military assistance from US/SEATO.
03 Feb 62 "Strategic Hamlet" program inaugurated.
08 Feb 62 USMACV established.
15 Mar 62 US advisory campaign begins officially.
15 May 62 USMACThai established.
23 Jul 62 Geneva protocol on the neutrality of Laos declared.
17 Apr 63 "Chieu Hoi" campaign initiated.
15 Dec 63 OPLAN 34A authorized MACV to establish SOG.
24 Jan 64 SOG becomes operational.
16 May 64 MAAG-VN deactivated; MACV reorganized with USAF-MAP.
17 May 64 Laos requests US support when Pathet Lao seize Plaine des Jarres.
02/04 Aug 64 Tonkin Gulf incidents (casus-belli).
07 Aug 64 Tonkin Gulf Resolution approved by Congress.
-- Sep 64 Sp Fcs Vietnam (Provisional) activated in Saigon.
08 Jan 65 Rep of Korea advisors deployed to Vietnam.
-- Feb 65 5th Sp Fcs Gp transferred to Nha Trang, Vietnam.
07 Mar 65 US advisory campaign ends officially; escalate troop commitments and initiate bombardment campaigns.
08 Mar 65 USMC Amphibious Bde lands at DaNang (first unit).
21 Mar 65 ChiCom/PRC officially commits support of NVN/DRV.
05 May 65 173rd Abn Bde deploys to RVN (first Army unit).
02 Jun 65 AATTV advisors deploy.
24 Jun 65 RVN officially declares war.
-- Aug 65 USMC Combined Action (CAC, CAP, CAG, CUPP) begins.
08 Jul 66 MACV directive authorizes "LRRP" units.
-- Aug 66 Philippine Civic Action Group deploys to RVN.
16 Sep 66 MACV Recondo School established from Project Delta.
07 May 68 Paris Peace Talks begin (14 Apr / 12 May 68?).
10 Jan 69 US Army Special Warfare School redesignated US Army Institute for Military Assistance.
25 Jan 69 plenary Paris Peace Talks resume.
-- Mar 69 "Vietnamization" program inaugurated.
03 Sep 69 Ho Chi Minh dies.
29 Apr 70 Cambodian incursion by US/ARVN.
30 Jun 70 Congress prohibits US ground combat forces in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand.
09 Oct 70 Khmer Republic established.
21 Nov 70 Son Tay POW Camp raid.
-- Dec 70 Congress repeals Tonkin Gulf Resolution.
30 Jan 71 ARVN operation Lam Son 719 into Laos; unsuccessful.
05 Mar 71 5th Sp Fcs Gp returns to CONUS.
-- May 71 USMC Combined Action (CAC, CAP, CAG, CUPP) ends.
15 Sep 71 US Army Civil Affairs School added to Army Institute for Military Assistance.
27 Jan 73 Paris Treaty armistice between US, RVN, NLF, DRV/NVN.
29 Mar 73 MACV disbanded; last US troops depart Vietnam.
07 Nov 73 War Powers Act.
16 Sep 74 Presidential amnesty to American draft evaders and clemency to US military deserters.
30 Apr 75 RVN ceases military operations.
07 May 75 end of Second Indochina War.
-- Nov 75 VN re-unified with capitol at Hanoi.
02 Jul 76 ratification of new constitution, elections; renamed Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV).
25 Dec 78 PAVN forces of SRV invade Cambodia to remove the Khmer Rouge government; Third Indochina War begins.