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Magazine Accessibility Statement

"To me a book is a message from the gods to mankind; or, if not, should never be published at all .... A message from the gods should be delivered at once. It is damnably blasphemous to talk about the autumn season and so on. How dare the author or publisher demand a price for doing his duty, the highest and most honourable to which a man can be called?"
by Aleister Crowley
"No publisher should ever express an opinion on the value of what he publishes."
by Oscar Wilde [Fingal O'Flahertie Wills]

This literary magazine has sought an efficacious balance in its publication between the greatest public access and the least encumbrance, technical or legalistic.

No publication title may be copyrighted, but the style of its presentation may constitute protective trade dress sufficient to warrant its agoral assertion of uniqueness. Furthermore, knowing that electronic display options are limited, that access is confounded by software currency, and that an impartial InterNet is sanctioned, we have not copyrighted [TX] the design of our website. Some posted materials are in the public domain (eg: documents), some are uncopyrighted (eg: samizdat), and some are copyright protected (eg: e-mag components). All external resources are provided as a courtesy and convenience to any interested persons; but none is affiliated with or endorsed by COMBAT magazine, its staff or publisher.

Any interested individual may, for private or non-commercial use, download any single work published in this literary magazine for reading, analysis, reference, or other personal use, that does not involve usurpation, supersession, or appropriation of said work, and does not deliberately obscure the ownership or origin of said work. Furthermore, each author and every other interested party is permitted to remotely hyperlink to any single work or issue of this periodical, as well as to any section of, or to the website as a whole, in furtherance of shared documentation or commonality, without supplemental license, certified codicil, or other special permission. Such accessibility is intended to be a convenience, and does not tender or grant any rights, implicit or explicit, which have not already been conveyed in writing. This declaration is made as a clarification of the Fair Use provision of the Copyright Act (Title 17 USC Section 107), and is an adjunct to the editorial policies and disclaimer of COMBAT magazine. Usage implies cognizance and concordance with these published terms and conditions, under the penalties of perjury pursuant to 28USC1746.

The audience of this open forum on the ramifications of war is valued and respected. We endorse creative thinking and purposive analysis in artistic expression. Our literary magazine, augmented by resources, offers a unique venue for insightful compositions ... and while everyone has the right to free speech, not everyone has the right to be heard. Although we attempt to guide, by advice and examples, the quality of submissions for publication, please be informed that no one, by virtue of rank or award or campaign, has the right of automatic access ... the only passport is excellence. By this mark we intend to sustain and archive this publication for an interested, and hopefully appreciative, audience.

All of these materials have been made available as a public service, to encourage understanding and to advance education in the fields of human rights, conflict resolution, social justice, and sociopolitical issues. These materials are distributed without profit to all interested persons. Any person making further use of these materials is solely responsible for such re-publication, and may be subject to restrictions or penalties, for which COMBAT magazine is not liable. Reprint permission must be obtained directly from the author or copyright holder.

"I do have an interest in this book, which is for sale. (If you have bought it, dear reader, I thank you. If you have borrowed it, I honor your frugality. If you have stolen it, may it add to your confusion.) Most of the sale price pays the publisher for paper, ink, and other materials, for editorial advice, copyediting, design, advertising (I hope), and marketing. I get between ten and fifteen percent (depending on sales) for arranging the words on the pages. As I understand it, I am being paid only for my work in arranging the words; my property is that arrangement. The thoughts in this book, on the contrary, are not mine. They came freely to me, and I give them freely away. I have no intellectual property, and I think that all claimants to such property are thieves."
by Wendell Berry


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