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Authorial Brief

This brief is for the harried author frantically seeking to place their original and unpublished work in a suitable magazine.

COMBAT magazine is interested in publishing good stories, essays, and poetry about lives touched by war. The scope is timeless and international. The focus is on making sense of wartime chaos.

COMBAT magazine is interested in publishing compositions that offer perspective or show context ... we're not interested in stereotypic themes or jejune war stories. Controversial anecdotes or impassioned tales are preferable to predictable plaints and trite diatribes. We don't want blood and guts without the impelling heart and mind. We seek thoughtful writings that connect the particular to the general, or the greater to the lesser. Each work should make some philosophical point or draw some moral conclusion.

Relevant contributions must be of appropriate length, written in English, and submitted in a universal electronic format.

All submissions must be original, previously unpublished, and submitted with a brief literary biography. Any accepted works must consign first serial rights by written transfer to COMBAT magazine.

During the three week period prior to the closing of each quarterly issue of COMBAT magazine, writers and artists may encounter an abnormal delay in the routine processing of submissions; which unavoidable interruption is respectfully acknowledged to be the necessarily chaotic interval of formatting from whence an orderly publication emerges ... and on the day after, the staff rests. All submissions will be acknowledged as soon as possible.

The editorial staff has experience of both real and paper wars, hence the provisions protecting authorial integrity and rights. Submitted works will either be accepted or rejected, but will never be rewritten by the staff.

If interested, the prospective author can find further details about COMBAT policies and practices in this (S-1 ADMIN) section. Library specimens and back issues will be found in other sections.

Submissions in electronic format may be sent to the editorial staff of COMBAT magazine at:

or at:
    P.O. Box 3, Circleville, WV 26804 USA.


C O M B A T, the Literary Expression of Battlefield Touchstones