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Publication Agreement

Any author(s) or artist(s) whose submitted work has been accepted for publication in COMBAT magazine must submit this signed and dated Agreement in its entirety to the editor prior to scheduled publication. Copyright law requires that authorial rights be transferred in writing.

In consideration for publication of my/our contributed work, I/we, as artist(s) or author(s), agree to the exclusive transfer of first English language serialization rights to COMBAT magazine in all media now known or later developed, including (but not limited to) print, microform, or electronic databases, and in anthologies of any kind. All joint and collaborative work has been acknowledged, and is being cited. No work product of salaried employees using either public or private employer resources is being copyrighted by the artist(s) or author(s) without the express and explicit permission of the employer and publisher. I/we understand that COMBAT magazine is in voluntary compliance with the morality rights clause of the Berne International Copyright Convention; which guarantees that every creation or composition is wholly the contributor's uncensored work. I/we agree that all accepted work is subject to alteration only to bring it into conformity with the stylistic guidelines established for the internal consistency of COMBAT magazine. I/we understand that the publisher of COMBAT magazine stipulates the non-disclosure confidentiality of submitted intellectual property.

All non-serial rights are retained by the artist(s) or author(s), and reprint (non-exclusive second serialization) rights automatically revert to the artist(s) or author(s) in the subsequent quarter or 90-days after publication, whichever is sooner, without further or other specific permission. This clause is intended to provide full copyright release for reprint serialization, without fees; and serves as proof in lieu of a release written to another publisher. This Agreement does not entail proprietary patent or trademark rights, which, if any, are retained by their artist or author owner(s). The artist(s) or author(s) agree(s) to acknowledge first publication in COMBAT magazine if the work is subsequently reprinted.

The artist(s) or author(s) represent(s) and warrant(s):

    a) that the work submitted is his/her/their own original creation or composition;
    b) that the submitted work has not been accepted in any other form or medium for exhibition, reproduction, publication, or distribution elsewhere;
    c) that this work has not been exhibited, reproduced, published, or distributed elsewhere, in any other form or medium;
    d) that the signatory(ies) of this Agreement is/are not infringing the copyright of any non-signatory, or any other person;
    e) that the work does not evince culpable deficiency or negligence;
    f) that the work is not libelous or unlawful, and does not infringe the civil or property rights of others.
If any stipulated warrant(s) or representation(s) is/are breached, the signatory(ies) agree(s) to indemnify the publisher, editor, and publication staff of COMBAT magazine, holding them harmless. The artist(s) or author(s) release(s) COMBAT magazine from any and all claims, liabilities, responsibilities, or damages arising from displaying, transmitting, reproducing, distributing, or publishing the work submitted.

No artist or author will be assessed or levied any fee or fare for publication of their work. An honorarium, as emolument or recompense, shall be disbursed to all contributors when the sponsorship of COMBAT magazine is established. Payment rates and schedule, according to the current fee scale for disbursement, may vary at editorial discretion; and alternative compensation packages in lieu of payment may be negotiated on an individual freelance basis. Any commissioned composition or work for hire by non-employees is subject to acceptance; and in consideration of the artist's or author's restraint from multiple submission, a kill-fee of one-quarter payment may be tendered for the first right of refusal, but no hold-fee will be tendered for a scheduled publication. Only sponsored commercials, advertisements, or announcements will be published apart from COMBAT magazine's featured contents. This non-profit publication is wholly supported by its sponsors as a public service.

No amendments or modifications of the terms of this Agreement are permissible, unless said modification(s) or waiver(s) shall be written and countersigned by a duly authorized staff member of COMBAT magazine. This Agreement is not valid if its procedures and provisions are amended, qualified, constrained, or otherwise altered or negated by the artist(s) or author(s). This Agreement is void if unsigned or undated; and the submitted work may not be published.

This Agreement embodies the entire agreement and understanding between the artist(s) or author(s) and COMBAT magazine, superseding all other Agreements and succeeding any other understandings, whether oral or written, as related to the specific work submitted for publication.

    Title of Work:

    Name of Artist(s) or Author(s):

    Mailing Address of Contributor(s):

    Electronic Point(s) of Contact:

My/Our signature(s) confirm(s) that I/we have read this Publication Agreement, and accept all of its conditions.


    Agreement Date:

Please send completed Publication Agreement forms to:

    Attn: Pub Agrmt
    P.O. Box 3
    Circleville, WV 26804 USA

[nb: This Publication Agreement is not valid without a signature, so copyright cannot be transferred by submission in electronic format; please do not return this Agreement by e-mail. When printing the Publication Agreement, remember to retain a personal copy to be filed with the original artistic or literary composition. For assistance downloading or reproducing this form, please read the following Acquisition Options]


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